CAL-ISOCalifornia Independent System Operator
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But sophisticated measures are useless without employee awareness and follow-through, so when he came on board as Cal-ISO opened, Nevarez made awareness among its 700 employees and contractors a high priority.
Before purchasing the software for Cal-ISO, Nevarez tested it to ensure that it was compatible with the company's computer systems.
At a cost of about $20,000, Cal-ISO replaced the standard screensaver in its Windows NT (soon to be Windows 2000) system with Visible Statement.
Each module is tailor-made for Cal-ISO, Nevarez says.
Cal-ISO retains a library of modules that Nevarez rotates so that staff members don't get bored.
Indeed, the Cal-ISO road-tripped to San Diego in the spring of 1999 to host meetings and to warn anyone who would listen that if nothing was done to get more power on line soon, the lights were going to go out.
In mid-March, the Cal-ISO released a report claiming that, based on the costs of inputs, power generators had overcharged California utilities $5.5 billion for power purchased since May 2000.
"People conserved when the prices went up," says the Cal-ISO's Emery.
Such dire pronouncements are echoed by the Cal-ISO's Emery.