CALACSCanadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
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Les efforts deployes recemment afin de promouvoir ce journal dans les conferences internationales du CALACS, de la LASA, et du CSA ont servi a augmenter le nombre de soumissions par diverses disciplines, mais aussi a augmenter la participation de chercheurs de l'exterieur du Canada et tout particulierement de l'Amerique latine et des Caraibes.
Cette exposition debutera en 2012 au Congres CALACS a Kelowna.
In 1979, 19 shelters and six rape crisis centres founded the Regroupement provincial des maisons d'hebergement and the Regroupement quebecois des CALACS,(5) respectively, in order to press the state for support.
Another three-year funding plan, on a scale of $25,000 to $65,000, was finally granted in 1990-91 to the 17 members of the Regroupement quebecois des CALACS and to five unaffiliated rape crisis centres.
Steve Palmer, CALACS past-president, and Stuart McCook, CALACS president, played a key role in the collaborative efforts between the U.
Let me invite all our readers to the upcoming CALACS Conference, to be held in Vancouver on 4-6 June 2008.
These concerns have already been addressed by the CALACS Board, and several options are currently under discussion.
The call for papers and all additional information is available on the web sites of CALACS <www.
Now that Professor Viviana Patroni has taken over the book review editorship, I want to express the deep gratitude of the CALACS Board to Professor Chuchryk.