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CALBCandida Antarctica Lipase B (organic chemistry)
CALBCommunauté d'Agglomération du Lac du Bourget (French: Agglomeration Community of Lac du Bourget; Lac du Bourget, France)
CALBCommunication-Aware Load Balancing (computation)
CALBCalcium-Dependent Lipid Binding
CALBComputer-Aided Line Balancing (est. 1969; Illinois Institute of Technology)
CALBCitizens Against Legal Blackmail (California)
CALBClub Athlétique l'Hay les Roses Badminton (French: L'Hay les Roses Badminton Athletic Club; L'Hay les Roses, France)
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M; DNA ladder bp, Calb; Candida albicans ATCC 90028; lane 1-6; Clinical strains, B; blank.
They give inputs to CalR, CalB, and VIP neurons [23].
Immobilized lipases from CALB, Candida cylindracea AY30, Humicola lanuginosa, Pseudomonas sp., and Geotrichum candidum were used for the esterification of functionalized phenols for synthesis of lipophilic antioxidants that were used in sunflower oil [100].
0.93 mL of toluene was dropped under intensive stirring and dry argon flow to the mixture of 400 mg of monomer and 40 mg of enzyme (CRL or CALB, [M]/[E] = 10/1 wt./wt.; other ratios were also tested, see Figure 5) in the reaction tube (Figure 1).
Las fechas mas antiguas corresponden a ElBrujo (11490 [+ o -] 110 calBC) y al Cierro apodo (11430 [+ o -] 120 calB), en el lado derecho del Abside (Figs.
Big Rock Brewery Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, one of North America's leading craft brewers, hired Andrew Jones as general manager, and Janine Calb as manager of marketing and communications.
California BanCorp (CALB), the holding company for California Bank of Commerce (CBC), has announced the appointment of an executive to expand its Professional Banking Division.
However, another study by Yadav and Lathi [153] on the intensification of enzymatic synthesis of propylene glycol monolaurate from 1,2-propanediol and lauric acid under MW irradiation claimed that Candida Antartica Lipase B (CALB) shows the highest enzymatic activity at 60AdegC.