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CALBCandida Antarctica Lipase B (organic chemistry)
CALBCommunauté d'Agglomération du Lac du Bourget (French: Agglomeration Community of Lac du Bourget; Lac du Bourget, France)
CALBCommunication-Aware Load Balancing (computation)
CALBCalcium-Dependent Lipid Binding
CALBComputer-Aided Line Balancing (est. 1969; Illinois Institute of Technology)
CALBCitizens Against Legal Blackmail (California)
CALBClub Athlétique l'Hay les Roses Badminton (French: L'Hay les Roses Badminton Athletic Club; L'Hay les Roses, France)
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The reusability of the enzyme CALB in this study was 3 times with 80 % yield, proving that MW irradiation does not denature enzymes at 40 AdegC.
Under the terms of the new contract CALB Hangzhou will purchase 5,000 JNJ6290EV model pure electric vehicles (without batteries) from Kandi Vehicles for a total of CNY199m (approximately USD31.
Contract notice: Benefit sorting and packaging cardboard from the waste disposal of CALB