CALCMConventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile (US DoD)
CALCMComputer Architecture Lab at Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, PA)
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Figures 5 through 11 present the comparison of MC gradients among the SlicingM values, X-rayM values, and CalcM using the model.
The CALCM program only was intended to fill the gap until the new ERCM was available.
Plans are under way to replace B-52 wingtip tanks with jamming pods that will allow the venerable bomber to provide persistent standoff jamming after CALCM launch.
Allied Force involved the first use of GPS-aided munitions, from the 900 kg Boeing GBU-31 Jdam (joint Direct attack Munition), of which up to 16 individually-targeted examples could be delivered by a Northrop Grumman B-2A flying direct from the US, to the Boeing AGM-86C Calcm (Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile) launched in stand-off attacks by B-52s operating from Britain.
THE UNITED STATES clearly demonstrated the strategic and operational effectiveness of cruise missiles to the world between 16 January and 2 February 1991, when US Navy surface ships and submarines in the Persian Gulf; Red Sea, and Eastern Mediterranean launched 288 Tomahawk land-attack missiles (TLAM) and the US Air Force expended 39 conventional air-launched cruise missiles (CALCM) against "strategic" targets in Iraq.
Recent years have also seen further conversions of retired AGM-86B Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) airframes into the AGM-86C Conventional ALCM (CALCM), carried only by the B-52.
Most of the expensive, cruise-type missiles in the US inventory such as the Tomahawk, Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile (CALCM), and some land-attack versions of the Harpoon missile employ GPS and IMU in combination for navigation purposes.
Our Complete Guide to Cruise Missiles had already gone to press when we received success news from Boeing on the Calcm Block IA and the Slam-ER.
Cruise Missile (CALCM) and the Joint Direct Attack Munition
In the same year, Boeing began converting some AGM-86Bs into conventionally-armed AGM-86Cs and the type was redesignated Calcm.
On the same day, B-1s deployed from the United States to RAF Fairford, where they were equipped with conventional air-launched cruise missiles (CALCMs) for additional attacks on Belgrade.