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CALCOMPCalifornia Computer Products, Incorporated
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19] GTCO CalComp, "InterWrite Products," http://www.
GTCO CalComp is a leader in computer input peripherals, with over one million systems installed worldwide.
Another Philippine subsidiary, CalComp Electronics and Communications Co.
GTCO CalComp is offering an education price of $1,887 for a 32 Class Pack.
However, Xaar added that Calcomp Inc, the California company that it claims infringed its patents, has announced it expects to cease shipments of its Crystaljet printers.
Each station also has a Hewlett Packard laser printer, Calcomp digitizer, and Calcomp plotters (two E size for 36 in.
The Artisan Plus series of low-end pen-plotters from CalComp (Anaheim, Calif.
Lockheed Martin Corp says it won't be increasing the current credit capacity of $43m it has extended to graphics peripheral maker CalComp Technology Inc, a move likely to push the Anaheim, Californian company into shut-down or Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
The hardware/software configuration for this particular task was a very simple 386 personal computer with a CalComp (Anaheim, California) digitizing tablet and a JDL (Camarillo, California) printer/plotter running under MS-DOS.
Now, GTCO CalComp has taken technology to a new level with the introduction of the InterWrite SchoolPad.