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CALDCulturally and Linguistically Diverse
CALDCallidus Software Inc. (stock symbol)
CALDCouncil of Asian Liberals and Democrats
CALDCenter for Automated Learning and Discovery (School of Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon)
CALDCentre d'Amélioration du Logement de la Drôme (French: Drôme Housing Improvement Center; Valence, Drôme, France)
CALDComputer-Aided Logic Design
CALDCertified Accounting and Leadership Design (Jefferson City, MO)
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There are large proportions of people from CALD backgrounds living in North Queensland (see Table 1).
The Filipino population was another fast growing CALD population in Australia since the declaration of a new martial law in Philippines in 1972.
This new careers program will equip CALD groups to gain the job specific skills necessary to obtain employment in various local industry sectors," Mr Wakeling said.
It will build on the success of the CALD Careers Program run by the City of Ballarat which has enabled more than half the graduates to gain new jobs.
Among many other aspects, Ip and Grocke investigate the types of songs used in music therapy groups involving multiple CALD clients.
With this I could make a list for Australian music therapists who may have CALD clients with a Danish background.
Some CALD research projects involve learning to predict medical risks for new patients by mining historical medical records, learning to predict behavior of users browsing the Web based on records of their past click streams and understanding how such data mining can be accomplished while protecting the privacy of individuals.
IBM welcomes this opportunity to provide CALD with a technology base for exploring significant new research directions in knowledge discovery and data mining.
This project, led by The National Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children (the Foundation), builds the capacity of CALD communities to undertake family violence prevention activities which deliver the message that violence against women and children is never okay.
Australian Institute for Health & Welfare data shows nearly a third of all Victorians aged over 65 are from a CALD background, Mr Kotsiras said.
This is why we have created the CALD Seniors Grants Program which awards grants to community organisations who are supporting older people from migrant backgrounds.
Off the ice I've been doing interviews on the radio, and on Wednesday I went with Calds to see our first soccer game.