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CALDERCenter for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (Urban Institute; Washington, DC)
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Angus Calder did not write only about the Second World War--though he did so a lot, including a wry contribution to the 1997 volume Paul Addison edited, Time to Kill: The Soldier's Experience of War in the West, 1939-1945, entitled Mr Wu and the Colonials: the British empire's evacuation from Crete, 1941 (Mr Wu being Evelyn Waugh).
In the following chapters, Calder focuses on the variable factors that can affect the presence of overseas bases.
Calder had only held a licence for a year when the accident happened.
But far from being a drugs Mr Big, Calder comes from a respectable family and says he stumbled into the trade.
Throughout his long and distinguished career, Calder blazed many trails, but the 1973 Supreme Court of Canada decision that bears his name is likely the accomplishment for which will be most remembered.
Calder became the first native elected to a provincial legislature and was also the first aboriginal cabinet minister.
Now is the time to put the Calder Stones back in their original positions.
Calder said that is not the way Horizon Printing Ink does business.
Calder poked ex-Blaze player Steve Gallace as he skated past the bench, only for Vipers forward Rob Trumbley to lean from the bench and hit Calder, sparking a ruckus that resulted in the period ending early.
Calder muses, sipping an orange juice at the Four Seasons Hotel.
In the best tradition of cultural history, Lendol Calder explores the fusion of materialistic and idealistic impulses within the much-heralded American Dream.
74 billion, Zomba Music founder Clive Calder isn't saying what he'll do next--but it's unlikely he's tuned out.