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CALECenter for Asian Legal Exchange
CALEConsortium for Advanced Legal Education (Roswell, GA)
CALECanadian Association of Literacy Educators
CALEC-Based Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian
CALECaptive Animals Law Enforcement (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
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To whom the Son of God, unmoved, replied:-- "Nor doth this grandeur and majestic shew Of luxury, though called magnificence, More than of arms before, allure mine eye, Much less my mind; though thou should'st add to tell Their sumptuous gluttonies, and gorgeous feasts On citron tables or Atlantic stone (For I have also heard, perhaps have read), Their wines of Setia, Cales, and Falerne, Chios and Crete, and how they quaff in gold, Crystal, and myrrhine cups, imbossed with gems And studs of pearl--to me should'st tell, who thirst And hunger still.
Yn l un o stiwardiaid yr Amgueddfa, fe wrthododd Cale i'r gynulleidfa adael y dangosiad yn ystod y Biennale; erbyn hanner ffordd drwy Dyddiau Du dwi bron a marw isho pi-pi (dyma'r ochr ddrwg o fod bron yn hanner cant).
First up, on Friday, November 20 at 6pm at Cineworld, Cale will take part in a Q&A to accompany a screening of the cult film American Psycho, starring fellow Welshman Christian Bale, for which he composed the score.
The 4,705sq ft office suite has been let on behalf of Cale Cross's owner Morley Fund Management, who acquired the building at the beginning of last year for pounds 21.
Texas native Floyd (played by Brit thesp David Cale, who wrote the book and lyrics and co-wrote the music) hasn't had a gig in years, and now he's a drunk who lives in his car, unsure how he'll survive the Montana winter.
She has a strong presence beyond her years, an important quality in playing Cale, because it's her belief in Sonador that propels the story.
Velvets: From left, John Cale, Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, Nico and Sterling Morrison
It has been three decades since the Velvets last struck a chord but Cale has not been idle and King Tut's was packed with serious musos waiting to hear their avant-garde hero.
A strong influence on everyone from Mark Knopfler to Richard Thompson, Cale is back on the road again (he comes to Portland's Aladdin Theater on Oct.
Ms Cale said: 'We handle a great deal of personal injury litigation and unfortunately this is a growth area.
The sequence where Cale and Akima fly into ice rings that become a hall of broken mirrors is quite breathtaking.
Cale, who specialises in sports science advice as coach to the England U16s, knows he must rely on luck as well as logic to keep tiny TNS in Europe's premier tournament.