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CALECenter for Asian Legal Exchange
CALEConsortium for Advanced Legal Education (Roswell, GA)
CALECanadian Association of Literacy Educators
CALEC-Based Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian
CALECaptive Animals Law Enforcement (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
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Aim, therefore, at no less than all the world; Aim at the highest; without the highest attained, Will be for thee no sitting, or not long, On David's throne, be prophesied what will." To whom the Son of God, unmoved, replied:-- "Nor doth this grandeur and majestic shew Of luxury, though called magnificence, More than of arms before, allure mine eye, Much less my mind; though thou should'st add to tell Their sumptuous gluttonies, and gorgeous feasts On citron tables or Atlantic stone (For I have also heard, perhaps have read), Their wines of Setia, Cales, and Falerne, Chios and Crete, and how they quaff in gold, Crystal, and myrrhine cups, imbossed with gems And studs of pearl--to me should'st tell, who thirst And hunger still.
Cale heads the soldier-run bakery -a new livelihood opportunity provided by the Aboitiz Group through its corporate social responsibility arm, the Aboitiz Foundation, and its food business unit Pilmico, to help wounded soldiers become productive and self-sustaining.
Technical Sergeant Arnold Cale heads the Panther's Bakery at Camp Tecson in San Miguel, Bulacan / Photo from Aboitiz Foundation
After the game Cale was back in action off the ice, meeting fans and signing autographs in the foyer at the Ice Bowl.
To reveal exactly what happened would spoil Cale's brave performance in "We're Only Alive." Plus, it's not the entire focus of this deeply affecting collaboration with Goodman artistic director Robert Falls and composer/music director Matthew Dean Marsh.
The game of cat-and-mouse between Cale and Sean also builds well, starting pretty harmlessly before becoming a matter of life-ordeath.
Officers say the proposal will create a 'strong, attractive frontage enhanced by landscaping and tree planting' across Cale Lane and Ash Lane.
"It's the time of year Birmingham turns green with happiness and the rest of the world turns green with envy," Mr Cale said.
Richard Morris, UK chief executive officer of Regus, said: "Cale Cross is an iconic building in a fantastic location and a welcome addition to our Newcastle network.
Following a recent live concert in Paris to celebrate the 50th birthday of this musical masterpiece, Cale, who grew up in Wales, has decided to perform the album in its entirety only twice more - and first up is Liverpool.
The court heard that the 60-year-old had been married to Janet Cale for 16 years and they had a teenage daughter.