CALENCentro de Altos Estudios Nacionales (Spanish, Uruguay)
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Andy Sandness,32, had blown most of his own face off in a failed suicide bid almost a decade ago - and Calen was a perfect donor match.
Nunca pense que mi frenetica y casi enfermiza adiccion a los libros me haria conocer a personas que calen tanto en mi memoria.
When my mom was living as a rambunctious twentysomething in New York City, she met a girl named (phonetically) "Calen" as in "calendar".
Byddai mam yn ei halltu a'i roi ar lechen las yn y deri, prynu calen o halen - bloc mawr, a finnau'n ei falu a'i rowlio yn fan.
After doctors diagnosed Jessie with bipolar disorder, and Jessie's son, Calen Pick, with schizoaffective disorder, Close was determined to learn more about mental illness.
Bridesmaids were Calen Oswalt Brantley, Carrie McMillan Cox, Katherine Ryan Toler Harrington, Jennifer Russell Kilrnan, Emily Sumrall Murphy, Allyn Rebecca Self, Mary Virginia Sharp, Crystal Megan Stroud, and Ginny Givan Willoughby.
As husbands, houses and bad decisions pile up, it's painful to read but hard to put down--especially when it becomes clear to Close that her older son, Calen, has inherited the mental illness that runs in the family.