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CALERCoordinamento Autonomie Locali Emilia Romagna (Italian)
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(16.) Irusta PM, Borca MV, Kutish GF, Lu Z, Caler E, Carrillo C, et al.
Refractive Business, Bausch & Lomb; Kaitlyn Grant, graduating senior, Nashua; Katie Sullivan, graduating senior, Derry; Stacy Caler, graduating senior, Bangor, Maine; Jenna Voci, graduating senior, North Conway; and Dennis O'Brien, vice president and general manager, U.S.
Victoria Caler, Vornado's marketing manager, said she still expected to see the same number of buyers and media.
Matthew Margres, Sarah Sieggreen, Jeffrey Caler, Laurel Richey, Sarah Mitzel, Melissa Cooper, Jill Brege, and Renee Scepanski, Saginaw Valley State University, Department of
through a direct and caler organization throughout the
"The reason for the contract is simple," said CDR Jay Caler, Shore Network Requirements officer for the Navy's Department of Space, Information, Warfare and Command and Control (N-6).
/ Certes, il n'arrivera pas a caler son rocher au haut de sa course, il n'atteindra pas l'absolu (inaccessible par definition) mais il parviendra dans les diverses sciences a des resultats positifs ..." (Ponge, Proemes 208)
"Telephone calls can be invaluable in finding out what's on people's minds," says Kit Snedaker of the Los Angeles Herald, "but I get a little frustrated with the caler who says, 'Is my mayonnaise any good?' I tell her to hold it up to the phone.