CALFACalifornia Assisted Living Facilities Association
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Calfas is cofounder of and stockholder in Santech Inc.
Calfas is a key contributor to the Patient-Centered Assessment and Counseling for Exercise (PACE) project.
In another study on self-esteem and body image, Huang, Norman, Zabinski, Calfas and Pattick (2007) found that adolescents showed an improvement in body image when they experienced weight loss of weight maintenance as compared to those who had experienced weight gain during the study, showing a link between body image and self-esteem.
Sallis JF, Calfas KJ, Nichols JF, Sarkin JA, Johnson MF, Caparosa S, et al.
Nichols JF, Morgan CG, Sarkin JA, Sallis JF, Calfas KJ.
Calfas will also be backed by senior vice president of marketing planning Carl Graziani, and by group vice president of category and card marketing Stuart Aitken.
In other executive changes Frank Calfas will succeed Everette as northern California division president.
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Sallis JF, Johnson MF, Calfas KJ, Caparosa S, Nichols JR Assessing perceived physical environmental variables that may influence physical activity.