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In another study, Bardhoshi, Schweinle, and Duncan (2014) identified that school counselors with caseloads of more than 400 students exhibited higher emotional exhaustion as compared to respondents with lower caseloads, and McCarthy, Kerne, Calfa, Lambert, and Guzman (2010) found that school counselors reported high student caseloads as a demanding aspect of their work.
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WHEREAS, throughout the period subsequent to CALFA's enactment, the law enforcement community has regularly taken positions that undermine the act's provisions, particularly with regard to carrier reimbursements, that were designed to aid ILEC compliance with such act; and,
It also imposed strict limits on the ability of Member States to expel for life nationals of other Member States: such expulsions are justified only on the basis of the personal conduct of the person concerned and of the actual danger which he represents for the requirements of public policy of the State in question (judgement in the Calfa case).It found fault with numerous pieces of national tax legislation which, without justification, accorded unfavourable treatment to people who had links with several countries at the same time (for example, non-resident workers, in particular, workers commuting across national borders, or subsidiaries of companies established in another State).
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He was succeeded as Prime Minister by a younger and unknown party colleague, Marian Calfa. Since Calfa is a Slovak and there is an understanding that a balance of power must be preserved between Czechs and Slovaks (there are more than 10 million Czechs and half that number of Slovaks), the next president should be a Czech.
Research and professional literature indicate that some school counselors have challenges in supporting their own professional development and student populations due to limited resources (Griffin & Farris, 2010; Grimes et al., 2013; Larivee, 2002; McCarthy, Kerne, Calfa, Lambert, & Guzman, 2010; Monteiro-Leitner et al., 2006).
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