CALFEXCombined Arms Live Fire Exercise
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In June 2015, the 519th conducted the mounted fire and maneuver CALFEX, rotating military police platoons through a daytime and nighttime squad-mounted, live-fire exercise and a platoon daytime CALFEX as the culminating training event.
The mission during the CALFEX was to conduct a tactical movement to an objective, gain entry by breaching the security perimeter, assault and clear a building, and then defeat an enemy counterattack.
A, said the CALFEX was a valuable exercise because it demonstrated the importance of tire support to the infantry.
He said: "There is no question that CALFEX helps to focus the mind.
If the Challenger 2's battlefield capabilities got the thumbs-up during the CALFEX, the way it easily dealt with the tough desert terrain to get there in the first place left onlookers in little doubt about its mobility either.
The Deputy Commander Supreme Allied Commander-Europe (SACEUR) aboard the USS Wasp in the Adriatic at the commencement of the exercise himself held press conferences at the culminating CALFEX demonstration at the Glamoc firing range.
Dynamic Strike, the culminating CALFEX demonstration of Exercise Dynamic Response '98, featured a force-projection scenario of a multinational SRF encountering a hostile force about to attack a village situated on the Barbara Range at Glamoc.