CALFEXCombined Arms Live Fire Exercise
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If somebody spotted me scuttling about the impact area during a CALFEX, it would have likely been a simple thing to discern my identity.
"The CALFEX featured the careful orchestration of combined and joint ground and air elements to seize an objective," he said.
When mission support tasks were completed, the CRTs from Joint Base Lewis-McChord didn't stop; they continued with day and night situational training exercises developed to replicate a WMD network built from the CALFEX enemy situation template.
In June 2015, the 519th conducted the mounted fire and maneuver CALFEX, rotating military police platoons through a daytime and nighttime squad-mounted, live-fire exercise and a platoon daytime CALFEX as the culminating training event.
The mission during the CALFEX was to conduct a tactical movement to an objective, gain entry by breaching the security perimeter, assault and clear a building, and then defeat an enemy counterattack.
(5) The culmination exercise of DR '98 was a combined arms live-fire exercise (CALFEX) demonstration called Dynamic Strike '98, held at the Glamoc firing range in Multinational Division-Southwest (MND-SW).
Tarlac -- The United States military on Thursday displayed its superior firepower during a combined arms live fire exercise (Calfex) at Crow Valley here that ended this year's 10-day Balikatan (shoulder to shoulder) exercises.
On the back of a combined arms live-fire exercise (CALFEX) or combat training center (CTC) rotation focused on high intensity conflict, leaders should engage in KLEs, network analysis, and cultural engagement that mimics what a post-conflict environment might look like.
Since the exercise with 1-2 Aviation in September, the 102d MI Battalion participated in a brigade combined arms live-fire exercise (CALFEX) with 1-2 Aviation and 4-7 Cavalry, also of the 2 ID.
The battalion participated in combined training in Australia (Operation Talisman Saber 2011); combined training with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) at the Yakima Training Center (YTC) (Operation Rising Thunder 2011) where we had conducted the first bilateral combined arms live fire (CALFEX) with JGSDF; squad and platoon situational training exercise lanes at YTC where we focused on fire and movement; and then platoon and company live-fire exercises again at YTC--all totaling 100 days of good, hard planning and training away from home station.