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CALICCentro de Asistencia Legal de Incidencia Contra la Corrupción (Guatemala, Central América)
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"For most publishers, the key is to understand what compliance solutions will work so they can serve the EU, as well as other markets like Canada, which will introduce the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in November, and Japan, whose APPI (Act on the Protection of Personal Information of 2003) tightened up previous privacy laws, or South Korea, whose PIPA is one of the world's strictest privacy laws," said Calic. "As consumers around the world rely on their mobile devices for transactions, other markets will follow suit."
"Regulation benefits the bigs," says Calic, noting that companies with sufficient resources can customize their approach to data collection by market.
Calic cautions, "While it does make sense to update a regulation that has not been modified since before the proliferation of digital advertising, the proposed changes will not stop fake news which comes in many forms, such as posts." But the bill would increase transparency and accountability in the digital ecosystem.
Correspondence should be addressed to Dusica Calic;
Para cada lamina foram contados dez campos microscopicos (40x) e as celulas diferenciadas em: superficiais queratinizadas sem nucleo (QS/Nuc.); superficiais queratinizadas com nucleo (QC/Nuc.); superficiais (Sup.); intermediarias (Int.) e caliciformes (Calic.).
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