CALINECalifornia Line Source Model
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"I was overwhelmed by the fact that my school was building a school in Cambodia and I wanted to participate," Caline told the GDN.
Benedict Robinson, "The Turks, Caroline Politics, and Philip Massinger's The Renegado," in Localizing Caline Drama: Politics and Economics of the Early Modern English Stage, 1625-1642, ed.
Visando a obtencao das mudas do tomateiro foram semeadas, em bandejas de isopor contendo 128 celulas, tres sementes de 'Caline IPA 6'caracterizada como cultivar industrial, porem melhorada para mesa, desenvolvida pela Empresa Pernambucana de Pesquisa Agropecuaria.
Schaeffer - Caline and Matt Schaeffer, of Eugene, a daughter.
Dans l'interaction avec les touristes, il arrive qu'elle joue le jeu facile de la typicite et sacrifie aux canons du folklore, en arborant, a l'occasion, la caline (4) et le costume dit << traditionnel >>, ou plus exactement ce qu'elle imagine qu'il pourrait etre.
Many models have been developed and applied to simulate the line source emission dispersion in the rural open highway, such as the General Motors (GM) line source model (Chock, 1978), California line (CALINE) source models (Benson, 1982) and Highway (HIWAY) air pollution models (Zimmerman and Thompson, 1975).
She was preceded in death by her daughter, Nancy (Higgins) Novak, and four sisters, Blanch Tower, Henrietta Holt, Loraine Morrissey and Caline Burton.
There was no re-run of past faux pas, like Icelandic singer Bjork's dead swan creation or CAline Dion in her backwards suit.
When he and French law student CAline Balitran dated from 1996-1999 I at the height of GeorgeOs ER fame I he said, OShe was a really nice girl; wanted nothing more than was normal.
Outside a polling station in east Beirut, Caline Chidiac, an organiser of the protests that helped to drive out the Syrians after Hariri's death, expressed her dissatisfaction with the political process since then.
Green's autobiography recorded "the twilight of the aesthetic age, the last gasp of the cultivated second-generation rentier." Though passionate about his left-wing political beliefs, Orwell nevertheless was able to admire, on aesthetic grounds, fascist writers such as Louis-Ferdinand CAline, whose politics he abhorred.
On pourrait le croire, et le petit animal paresseux et doux, nomme Dindiki[9] que Gide recueille et caline tout au long du voyage jusqu'a ce qu'il meure quelque temps avant la fin du sejour en Afrique apparait, tant les notations a son sujet sont nombreuses, comme la reprdsentation symbolique du Noir.