CALIPcomputer aptitude, literacy, and interest profile
CALIPCrush, Abrasion, Laceration, Incision, Puncture (wound types)
CALIPCrime and Likewise Investigation Patrol (Bristol, UK)
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CALIP introduces a number of climate change adaption measures for broadening livelihood opportunities, said Monzur Hossain, Senior Secretary of the Local Government Division.
CALIP will thus promote approaches to help smallholders take a proactive stance towards dealing with flash floods, soil erosion, wave impacts and other climactic challenges, in order to avoid hard choices, said Nicolas Syed.
En una forma diferente, aciarium, aparece en las Glossae latinotheodiscae editadas por Steinmeyer y Sievers como equivalente de calips (STEINMEYER-SIEVERS 1879-1922: s.