CALISChina Academic Library & Information System (cooperative library cataloging system)
CALISCenter for Active Learning in International Studies (University of Southern California)
CALISComputer-Assisted Learning for Information Searching
CALISCovariance Analysis of Linear Structural Equations (SAS procedure)
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The CALIS procedure uses Levenberg-Marquardt to estimate the model parameters.
PROC CALIS procedure of SAS has five estimation methods: (x) unweighted least squares (ULS); (2) generalized least squares (GLS); (3) maximum likelihood (ML); (4) weighted least squares (WLS); and (5) diagonally weighted least squares (DWLS).
The CALIS was shown to be a valid and reliable instrument.
The CALIS demonstrates good internal consistency ([alpha]'s between .
Following assessment, the children and parents of those who met the criteria for a principal diagnosis of an anxiety disorder completed the CALIS child and parent versions.
First, the significance tests of individual path coefficients provided by the CALIS procedure are approximate.
The linear format for entering the model in PROC CALIS is organized into three separate sections.
The decrease in upward selection with increasing bird attack is less supported; the coefficient describing this relationship was negative, but not significant in the CALIS procedure, although it was significant when estimated by multiple regression with the REG procedure.
However, paths from large and small gall density to bird attack are significant in both the CALIS and the REG analyses.
Tests used to assess the overall fit of models to data included five indexes provided by the CALIS program: the chi-square (||chi~.
The fit indexes provided by the CALIS program are reported in Table 1.
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