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CALKCarbonate Alkalinity
CALKComité Animation Lafontaine Kléber (French: Lafontaine Kleber Animation Committee)
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Use your finger to push the calk well in to the crack and smooth it off, unless you're repairing conventional render, which has a rough surface.
Bobby Guy, Jeff Calk, and Wes Shofner are partners in the law firm of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP, headquartered in Nashville, TN.
L Hewitt (Aus) bt F Gonzalez (Chile) 6-2 6-1, M Mirnyi (Bel) bt S Sargsian (Arm) 6-7 7-6 6-1, T Calk (Cze) bt J Bjorkman (Swe) 7-6 7-6.
Pinter A, Torok G, Borzonyi M, Sudan A, Calk M, Kelecsenvi Z, et al.
The museum is being remodeled right now, but director Richard Calk promises that when the dust settles, your police history will be right there in a case among other long-surviving veterans of the department.
Former skipper Lorenzo Amoruso is likely to miss the Kilmarnock game today with a calk injury while Mikel Arteta is also a doubt.
When someone on the ground wants to reach them, they can calk 1-888-AIRFONE, enter the traveler's aircall number, and within moments the phone rings at the passenger's seat.
If you were to mention "old-growth"to a Pacific Northwest logger around the turn of the century, he might have assumed you were referring to the luxuriant mustache that was a hallmark of his trade-along with "tin pants" held up by galluses (suspenders to city folk), and calk (spiked) boots.
Seeking its first provincial licence, UPS endured what Franks calk "the longest, most costly regulatory battle in the history of the Ontario trucking industry.
CHICAGO -- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Steve Calk, chairman and CEO of The Federal Savings Bank, today made a major economic development announcement with the funding of a new national home loan center, bringing 400 new jobs to Chicago.
They allowed me to go from prison to prison to calk with the inmates to talk about how the brotherhood could help.