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CALLASConversion of Algorithms to Library Adaptable Structures
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His current job is a daunting task, but, despite its drug-related shenanigans, the band is low-maintenance compared to Callas with her diva's tantrums, which Kelly had tolerated way back when.
And there's some thoughtful observations to be made about art and artifice as, troubled by faking it as well as her ageing looks, Callas begins to have second thoughts.
Callas was given the jewels by her husband, wealthy Italian industrialist Giovanni Battista Meneghini, in the 1950s.
Shortridge and Callas have domesticated elements of this vocabulary: weighty, asymmetrical roofs; splayed columns; and canted walls.
Thus, with the cult of Callas, there is the need to have every note she recorded and to know every detail of her life, from her musical interpretations and operatic struggles to her weight loss, romantic life, concepts of fashion, and love of ice cream.
A well-known media agency executive, Callas has forged her career at MediaCom over the past 27 years.
Balance the wire coils on neck of vase; STEP 3 Gather all the calla lilies so that all the heads are massed together and insert through wire coils into the vase to balance on the neck at an angle
Nor, according to contemporary reports, was she as dramatically compelling as Callas in live performance.
Marie Callas is convinced: people capable of solving the "Golden Square" puzzle are going to have some unexpected luck during the next few weeks, but most important, they could be going to win pounds 250,000 within a month.
We all thought, of course, that we would soon be harvesting bouquets of pink and yellow callas.
She was also renowned for her supposed rivalry with the fiery Maria Callas.
Maria Callas, pictured with some of her jewels, was perhaps the world's most celebrated opera singer.