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CALPCognitive Academic Language Proficiency
CALPCristalleria Artistica La Piana (All the World, Crystalware)
CALPCertified Ambassador Loan Processor (National Association of Mortgage Processors)
CALPCalsenilin-Like Protein
CALPCentro de Astrofísica en la Palma (Canary Islands, Spain)
CALPWorkshop on Computer-Aided Language Processing
CALPCivilian Aircraft Landing Permit
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CALP investors - or anyone with knowledge about this acquisition - should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@goldfarbbranham.
The California Department of Education (CDE; 2009) developed the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) to assess California public education students' English language proficiency and incorporates CALP levels.
For all children, both native English speakers and children who have yet to develop CALP in English, teachers must provide contextual support.
But one mention of a possible England calp has the pounds 2 million midfielder in stitches.
Contact point(s): AlcaldE[degrees]a del Ajuntament de Calp
Cynics will say that the calp of the local hero is designed to help attract a bigger crowd more than anything else.
The company, which is the exclusive distributor of CALP in the United States, will develop products with CALP, which is co-branded with Oneida.
Chris Makin found the unmarked Dichio and when his fierce drive was beaten out by Walsh, Johnson should have celebrated his calp to Scotland squad by slamming home the rebound but to the dismay of the crowd he failed to hit the target.
Actual and potential partners include SDC, NRC, Oxfam, CaLP.
Oneida, which acquired the distribution rights to the Italian-based CALP crystal in August, plans to create critical mass in crystal, according to Joe Zifchock, director of marketing for crystal and glassware.
He may not be fully fit, but he was made Middlesbrough captain in the week and a squad calp for the October 10 clash with Bulgaria would be just the tonic he needs - this time without the gin and lemon