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CALRComputer Assisted Legal Research
CALRComputer-Assisted Legal Research
CALRComputer-Aided Legal Research
CALRCalifornia Association of Licensed Repossessors
CALRConseil Académique des Langues Régionales (French: Academic Council of Regional Languages)
CALRChapter Advocacy Liaison Recognition (healthcare)
CALRCommunauté d'Agglomération de La Rochelle (French: Agglomeration Community of La Rochelle; La Rochelle, France)
CALRCoalition for Access to Legal Resources
CALRReserve Calibration
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Patients with PMF have mutations for JAK2 in 60%, CALR in 20-30% and MPL in 5-10% of the cases (Figure 3).
While these mutations (JAK2, JAK2 exon 12, MPL, and CALR) are important to obtaining a full diagnostic picture, the data shows that they present in patients quite infrequently; more than 80 percent of patients return a negative answer on these molecular tests.
Recently, Marito Araki from Juntendo University, and colleagues, have revealed that mutant CALR triggers a signaling pathway and the pathogenesis of MPNs.
Recently, CALR gene exon 9 mutation has been described in majority of patients who have JAK2 nonmutated MPN [18].
(c) Proteins involved in protein processing in the endoplasmic reticulum proteins are highlighted in red (HYOU1, GANAB, CALR, HSPA5, HSP90B1, VCP, and HSPA8) in the main PPI network.
The CALR gene, mapped to chromosome 19p, [3] has three structural and functional domains, referred to as the N, P and C domains.
In Figure 3, our results reveal that ADRM1 regulates KPNA2, which promotes proliferation, and is mediated by the aging-related proteins, HSP90B1, CALR, HSPA5, PDIA3, RPN1, and ECT2, the smoking-related proteins, HUWE1, HSPA5, and ECT2, and the epigenetic regulation of ENO1, HSP90B1, CALR, and PDIA3, through the SUP and ER signaling pathways.
Entre los muchos pormenores que se contemplan para la regulacion de esta burocracia administrativa (con remisiones continuas en el Real Decreto a la Ley 30/1992), habria que destacar que la instruccion y propuesta de resolucion competen a la referida Subdireccion General, y que la Comision Asesora de Libertad Religiosa (CALR) habra de emitir un informe preceptivo no vinculante, algo ya previsto en la nueva normativa reguladora de este organo (22).
In MPN patients, in addition to the JAK2 mutation, mutations of MPL, Lnk and Calreticulin (CALR) have been identified which are exclusive with the JAK2 mutation (26-29) MPL mutations induced constitutive activation of signaling pathways like JAK2-V617F and induced MPN in mouce models.
These genes included myostatin (MSTN), collagen type I alpha-1 (COL1A1), collagen type I alpha-2 (COL1A2), and calreticulin (CALR), heat shock cognate 70-kd protein (HSP70), and heat shock protein 90kDa alpha (HsP90) (Table 1).
Gene Product Capn3 NM_007601 Calpain 3 S100a3 NM_011310 S100 calcium binding protein A3 Camkk1 NM_018883 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase 1 Efcab4a NM_001025103 EF-hand calcium binding domain 4A alpha polypeptide 7 Pcdhb11 NM_053136 Protocadherin beta 11 Calr NM_00759 Calreticulin Gene Symbol Fold Change p-Value Capn3 +1.5 0.03 S100a3 +1.4 0.03 Camkk1 +1.2 0.01 Efcab4a +1.4 0.04 Pcdhb11 -2.2 0.004 Calr -1.2 0.04 Table 4.
([dagger]) Candice Spurlin is Senior Librarian (CALR and Reference) at the McKusick Law Library, The University of South Dakota School of Law, Vermillion, SD.