CALSACalifornia Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators
CALSAComputer Aided Logistics Support Analysis
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Along with CALSA and the Tokmakjian Group, RASA also has competition from Finauto Internacional Ltd.
It is inspirational to assist these future leaders with the essential educational step in helping them achieve their goals," observed CALSA Executive Director Dr.
We established the F3 Educational Foundation and partnerships with leading education associations, including CALSA, to help recognize and reward public education's many student success stories.
These students are our future," concluded BRIDGES Charter School Executive Director and CALSA Member Ruben Diaz.
We look forward to supporting CALSA and the Burns Philip Group as it expands and upgrades its network to better serve its growing customer base.
Fernando Elizondo, Executive Director, CALSA -- Dr.
These educators describe the importance of networking, advocacy, and mentoring, which are the "trinity" used by CALSA members to help Latino students close the achievement gap, according to Dr.