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Using adhesive produced under the optimal conditions to bond plywood, the bonding strength and formaldehyde emission of plywood produced accorded with the national standard (china) for calss I, and formaldehyde emission was much lower than that required in the national standard GB/T 9486-2044 for E1 plywood.
2468525 Fresh fruits and vegetables; included in Calss 31.
Before making any changes, we had to make announcements before and after every calss telling the members about the changes that were going to take place.
In these circumstances, the message which was often projected on the stage was not "a celebration of the myth of Venice" in which "the spectacle of opera mirrored the spectacle of Venice itself" so much as an affirmation of the political ideology of the ruling calss.
Notice that if genes were observable these classes would be distinguishable because the input (g) in class b is a hybrid (10), while the input (g) in class c is a purebred (11); the input peas (g)(g) in calss d are both hybrid while the input peas in class e are not.
A great advantage of optimization programs is what Pitt calss the "Designing to Cost Concept." Using this idea a project can be designed using the software and crucial information such as cost per part and cost per product can be quickly determined.
The report, America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages, deals with workers without a college education (roughly 70 percent) and youngsters not college-bound--a group the commission calss the "frontline workers" who are "ill-equipped to meet employers' current needs and ill-prepared for the rapidly approaching, high-technology, service-oriented future."
For both of these companies, the guide assumes the auditors plan to assess control risk for assertions related to a specific account balance and transaction calss based only on procedures needed to plan a primarily substantive approach.
It was individual entrepreneurs who made an industry of printing and created a whole new middle calss of reader/learners.
Judged superior in their calss, three flowers and five vegetables won the coveted title for 1988.
Instead, they make their "house calss" between 9 a.m.
This broad question of the relation of calss and race is critical to the analysis of many capitalist societies (e.g., the United States and South Africa), but it takes on a special importance when raised in the context of Malaysia and its history.