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CALTCentre for Advanced Learning Technologies (France)
CALTComputer Assisted Language Testing (various organizations)
CALTCertificate of Ancestral Land Titles (Philippines)
CALTCanadian Association of Law Teachers (Canada)
CALTCertified Academic Language Therapist (dyslexia)
CALTCalifornia Towhee (bird species)
CALTCommittee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching
CALTCivil Affairs Liaison Team
CALTConjunctival-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
CALTClearance Altitude
CALTCalibrated Accelerated Life Testing
CALTControl Altitude
CALTContract Administration Lead Time
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69) A CALT Report published in 1985 pursued similar recommendations (with slight variations in the composition of the nominating committees), and in 1988, as outlined above, the advisory committees were adopted by the Mulroney government.
Al aumentarse la autoinmunidad se aumenta la expresion de peptidos MHC-II, coestimuladores y de moleculas de adhesion ICAM-1, esto genera que aumenten las senales para activar LT, que se active el CALT o tejido linfoide asociado con la conjuntiva, como tambien las citoquinas IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, disminuye el factor de crecimiento epidermico que produce inflamacion de la superficie ocular y reduccion en la funcion de las glandulas de meibomio y lagrimales.
limited number of examples of CALT tests presented in the chapter leave
A Cordillera police intelligence report indicates that some of the settlers were not Ibaloy families, suggesting that portions of the land covered by the CALT have been sold to businessmen or migrants.
But the importance of the CJC, the CBA, and the CALT presuming to act corporately in the name of all cannot be over-stated.
In 2015, former Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala inspected the reservation and announced that the DA would prosecute the squatters while working to nullify the CALT issued to Ikang Paus.
This study evaluated the relation of the CALT PLEVALEX platform with his theories.
The order said permits may be given if the CALT does not include or overlap forest reservations, watershed reservations or other government reservations or is not part of any pending case before the court or any tribunals.
Addressing the sets of CALT issued to Piraso and Carantes, the team said the ancestral lots have already been allocated to different individuals, to whom apparently eventual transfers would be made through transfer certificates of title, [which was] a circumvention of the prohibition under the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997 (Republic Act No.
The Cordillera office of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP-CAR) announced the moratorium for the processing of pending applications for the issuance of Certificates of Ancestral Land Titles (CALTs) was lifted that will pave the way for the agency to evaluate existing CALT applications that will result to the subsequent issuance of CALTs to qualified applicants.
These would be sent to the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), which had petitioned the Supreme Court to nullify CALT that encroached into, or have taken over, parks, government reservations and a section of the presidential Mansion here.
The heirs of Josephine Abanag and Mercedes Tabon, Cosen Piraso and Lauro Carantes, who were granted the voided CALT, held a news conference last week to declare that they lost the privilege to own the ancestral land.