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CALTCentre for Advanced Learning Technologies (France)
CALTComputer Assisted Language Testing (various organizations)
CALTCertificate of Ancestral Land Titles (Philippines)
CALTCanadian Association of Law Teachers (Canada)
CALTCertified Academic Language Therapist (dyslexia)
CALTCalifornia Towhee (bird species)
CALTCommittee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching
CALTCivil Affairs Liaison Team
CALTConjunctival-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
CALTClearance Altitude
CALTControl Altitude
CALTCalibrated Accelerated Life Testing
CALTContract Administration Lead Time
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The Long March-11 (Chang Zheng-11)is a small solid-fueled quick-reaction launch vehicle developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) with the goal to provide an easy to operate quick-reaction launch vehicle, that can remain in storage for long period and to provide a reliable launch on short notice.
CALT has learned from NASA's mistakes--it took over three years for NASA to fix Hubble's flawed mirror.
Corporation (47) (which includes under it CALT), the China Aerospace
The CALT had been contested in court and was among the titles which the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples had investigated for alleged anomalies.
A-87 Cost Allocation Exception Extension and Expanded Access to CALT
Based on the complaint filed by former congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio, three certificates of ancestral land title (CALT), with their respective titles of property, were issued to private individuals without proper consultation and approval of the city government.
(10) For histories of race records and the development of markets geared to African American consumers, see Miller (2010), Kennedy (1994), Kennedy and McNutt (1999), and Calt (2002).
There so far appear to be four main Chinese families of guided bombs: the FT- series from the CALT (China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology) subsidiary of CASC (China Aerospace & Science Technology Corp), the LS- and LT- series from Luoyang EoTdC (Electro-Optical Technology Development Center), which is another CASC offshoot, and the TD-/TG- series from the Norinco subsidiary Harbin Jiangcheng.
(15.) Dogan Buzoglu H, Calt S, Gumusderelioglu M Evaluation of the surface free energy on canal dentine walls treated with chelating agents and NaOCl.