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CALTECHCalifornia Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA)
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To meet the high-volume storage needs of the LIGO project, Caltech turned to its strategic partner, Westlake Technologies Inc.
Using satellite images from data provided by the Japanese Space Agency, Nathan has been monitoring changes in mangrove swamps and forests, and spent three months at Caltech during 2014, undertaking field work in Ecuador.
Eventually, the draw of running his own business inspired him to set up Caltech.
The specific experiment the Caltech researchers conducted was guessing the identity of four scientiststs.
Caltech also will help the DWP develop policies on a variety of environmental issues, from reducing greenhouse gases to developing renewable energy resources and conserving water.
Interviews with several people connected to Caltech's basketball program and archival footage of the school's surprisingly rich athletic tradition augment Duchovny's narrations, offering context for understanding the team's place at and importance to the history and culture of Caltech.
David Duchovny is an ideal narrator for "Quantum Hoops," since he can talk about the history and technology surrounding Caltech without sounding like a confused refugee from ESPN.
In the late 1970s, one such effort at CalTech led to a high-profile spin-off.
Fuel cells have been done on larger scales with hydrocarbon fuels, but small fuel cells are challenging because it's hard to keep them at the high temperatures required to get the hydrocarbon fuels to react," said Caltech researcher Sossina Haile.
Cumbria-based Caltech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrs Milling Industries plc, will have a presence at all main venues for the event featuring its range of high energy feed licks.
Undoubtedly, in 1901, neither Pasadena nor Caltech loomed large in the minds of the Nobel judges.