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CALUConference for Advanced Life Underwriting (Financial Advisors Association of Canada)
CALUCentre for Alternative Land Use (UK)
CALUConference of Australian Linux Users (computing)
CALUCentral Arithmetic Logic Unit
CALUCalifornia Association of Life Underwriters
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Reinstatement can be induced by different factors, either pharmacological, physical or social, or in experimental contexts such as dose priming, which involves re-exposure to a low dose of the drug with which conditioning took place (Cruz, Marin & Planeta, 2008; Daza-Losada et al., 2007), exposure to a stressful situation like an electric shock to the legs (Bossert, Marchant, Calu & Shaham, 2013) or defeat in an agonistic encounter (Garcia-Pardo et al., 2014; 2015b; Shaham et al., 2003; Shalev, Grimm & Shaham, 2002; Tzschentke, 2007).
Louro de Floripes, na primeira das duas transcricoes, expoe de forma mais explicita a utilizacao das sobras na feitura dos brinquedos, enquanto Luiz de Calu inclui o rio e os animais como parte importante do universo infantil, sem esquecer o cavalo de pau e as latinhas.
accounting standards (2012), Deaconu into national (2011), Calu et al.
Other investigators similarly have demonstrated that cocaine use results in abnormally slow reversal learning, even though initial learning is normal (Calu et al.
The house, as a living entity, should clasp onto the wings/veils of its mistress as she departs: You, her house, clasp onto her flowing veils ya betha w'imsik hulaliha Swear by your mistress and let her remain ya mahlafcalu sittik wi haliha Her flowing veil, you, her house, clasp on to her flowing wings mijanahha ya betha w'imsik mijanahha Swear by your mistress and bring her back ya mahlaf calu sittak wi rajjacha On the quay, they furnished her with a bed of their flowing veils calilmuwarida farasha hulalihum Why not cry out to the skipper to let them off?
The Centre for Alternative Land Use (CALU), Bangor, has also said it would like to hold renewable energy seminars for farmers.
(pe fundalul manelei "Sarba in caruta/ bate calu Guta) ...
Some others issuers of the health tourism sector listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange on the Rasdaq platform are: Societatea Turism Covasna SA (TUAA), CalimanestiCaciulata SA (CALU), Hercules SA Baile Herculane (ERCA), Tusnad SA Baile Tusnad (TSND), Tratament Balnear Buzias SA (BALN).
Held at Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran on Sunday (10.30am for 11am), it's a free event supported and made possible by funding from the Welsh Assembly Government and Calu, the Centre for Alternative Land Use.
Uma vez tendo sido aceito o desafio de escrever um artigo informativo sobre a obra do Professor Ivan Fernandes Lima, o professor Moises Calu de Oliveira e o aluno de geografia David Christopher M.
(28) Mythic evidence of their origins is signalled in the landscape by sacrificial altar sites (known as calu ia mari or ia mari tuliya--ancestral footprints), located around the coastal fringe of Lautem.