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CALVECalibrated Velocity Log Data (oil production)
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"I could ha' wished Nancy had had the luck to find a child like that and bring her up," said Priscilla to her father, as they sat in the gig; "I should ha' had something young to think of then, besides the lambs and the calves."
and invested with plenary delegated authority seated himself at the head of the table, and the landlord sat down with him, for he was no less fond of cow-heel and calves' feet than Sancho was.
In one, the cow-buffaloes stood with their calves in the center, and glared and pawed, ready, if a wolf would only stay still, to charge down and trample the life out of him.
Mowgli heard an answering bellow from the foot of the ravine, saw Shere Khan turn (the tiger knew if the worst came to the worst it was better to meet the bulls than the cows with their calves), and then Rama tripped, stumbled, and went on again over something soft, and, with the bulls at his heels, crashed full into the other herd, while the weaker buffaloes were lifted clean off their feet by the shock of the meeting.
The horses and the colts and the cows and the calves ran at pasture among them or over them, and flower or shrub had to take its chance.
His shoulders were broad beyond all size, and the calves of his legs larger than those of a common chairman.
She insisted on taking her turns at walking, and when he breathed the panting mares on the steep, and Saxon stood by their heads caressing them and cheering them, Billy's joy was too deep for any turn of speech as he gazed at his beautiful horses and his glowing girl, trim and colorful in her golden brown corduroy, the brown corduroy calves swelling sweetly under the abbreviated slim skirt.
Wafaa Abd El-Razek a 55 -year- old housewife said "I used to go reserve a calve in one of charity organisation, for Eid Al-Adha holiday five years ago, this cost me around EGP 2,000, the organization distributed one third of the calve on the poor, then I should decide whether if I will take one or two thirds of the calve, but now it becomes more convenient to buy "Sakk Al-Odhya", which means I only buy one third of the calve and donate it for the poor, what cost me EGP 1,950."
For example, if a cow is served on January 1, 2019, she will be expected to calve down on October 8, 2019.
The calving interval is the period between the birth of a calf and the birth of the next calf, and if this time is extended it may cause a decrease in the amount of milk and number of calves produced by the water buffaloes throughout their lives (Kumar et al., 2017).
"We calve heifers in November, which gives them time to recover from their first calving before joining the January herd, while cows are calved in two batches from January to mid-February and April to the end of June," said Robbie.
The most common illness in young calves is cattle scours (diarrhea).