CALWORKSCalifornia Work Opportunities and Responsibility for Kids
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Campaigns in the past several years have succeeded in removing the state's family cap (which denies cash benefits to children born while a family is receiving assistance), repealing the maximum family grant, and increasing the amount of the CalWORKs grant.
Dickerson oversees the day-to-day operation of CalWORKs, the state of California's TANF program.
The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program and its policy formulation has been dominated by the devolution movement.
In California, this program is CALWORKS; in Oregon, it is called JOBS; and in Washington, it is called WorkFirst.
(4) Under the program, all individuals who apply for California's welfare program, known as CalWORKs, are subject to an unannounced home visit by a plain-clothed welfare fraud investigator, who is deputized and employed by the local prosecutor's office.
This more symbolic aspect can be seen, for instance, in renaming "Income Maintenance Centers" as "Job Centers" and in hanging banners in welfare offices with messages like "Welcome Job Seekers!" and "You Have A Choice, Choose a Job--Work First." In this less technical sense, the ubiquitous references to work--in state programs named "CalWorks" and "Wisconsin Works," in federal "Welfare-to-Work" grants, and elsewhere--clearly invoke unsubsidized, private sector employment.
Child-only CalWORKs study report #1: When adults are left out: CalWORKs child-only cases in seven counties.
Distributed throughout the county, CASCs provide screening, assessment and referral services for several target groups: individuals referred by the Department of Public Social Services for services under CalWORKs (TANF), which provides temporary financial assistance and employment-focused services to families with minor children; General Relief (GR), a county-funded program that provides financial assistance to indigent adults; Proposition 36 (Prop 36), a treatment alternative to incarceration for certain kinds of first- and second-time nonviolent drug offenders; and community referrals (walk-ins).
For example, when the county earned incentive dollars for strong outcomes under its CalWORKs program, the budget and planning directors set up a structured process whereby the money was distributed on the basis of innovative projects proposed by regions and divisions, which were ranked by degree of collaboration and projected outcomes.
CalWORKs in California enables welfare recipients to attend community colleges by supporting them through child care, work study, job development, and job placement services.
The Prevalence of Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug, and Domestic Violence Issues Among CalWORKS Participants in Kern and Stanislaus Counties.