CAM-IConsortium for Advanced Manufacturing - International
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Awareness -- The organization has a desire to make improvements to its processes and has completed the CAM-I PBM Assessment Tool to understand where they are on the Roadmap.
The completed CAM-I PBM Roadmap will aim to provide guidance, through the use of a detailed assessment tool, to organizations who wish to move beyond process improvement and become process-based organizations.
To find out more about PBM and other leading-edge strategic financial management topics, plan to attend an upcoming conference jointly sponsored by CMA Canada and CAM-I that will take place on September 6 and 7 at the Delta Meadowvale in Mississauga, Ontario.
Previously, the results of CAM-I research projects were available to the public shortly after the project's completion.
After this period, CAM-I may charge a fee for the project results representing "a portion of the project cost.
In the past," says William A Carter, CAM-I president, "companies knew that results would be available immediately after project completion.
These include numerous books, published articles in peer-reviewed journals, the CAM-I Glossary of ABM Terms, workshops and certified training programs in such areas as strategic cost management and target costing.
To find out more about CAM-I and the PBM Program, visit their website at www.
org) is president of CAM-I and also has an acting role as a program director for the CMS program.