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Awareness -- The organization has a desire to make improvements to its processes and has completed the CAM-I PBM Assessment Tool to understand where they are on the Roadmap.
The completed CAM-I PBM Roadmap will aim to provide guidance, through the use of a detailed assessment tool, to organizations who wish to move beyond process improvement and become process-based organizations.
Special thanks to CAM-I's PBM group, who helped in the drafting of this article--in particular, Dennis Daly, Jerry Stevens and Pat Dowdle.
To find out more about PBM and other leading-edge strategic financial management topics, plan to attend an upcoming conference jointly sponsored by CMA Canada and CAM-I that will take place on September 6 and 7 at the Delta Meadowvale in Mississauga, Ontario.
Previously, the results of CAM-I research projects were available to the public shortly after the project's completion.
After this period, CAM-I may charge a fee for the project results representing "a portion of the project cost."
"In the past," says William A Carter, CAM-I president, "companies knew that results would be available immediately after project completion.
"These changes will give our members greater leveraging, and will increase the incentive to participate without destroying the close cooperation that already exists within CAM-I," Carter concludes.
CAM-I is focused on advancing management and technical practices.
The primary forum in which collaboration and information sharing among members takes place is the CAM-I quarterly meeting.
The results of CAM-I's collaborative research model are tangible deliverables for members, as well as outputs placed in the public domain.
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