CAMARICertificat d'Aptitude à Manipuler les Appareils de Radiologie Industrielle (French: Certificate of Proficiency in Handling Industrial Radiological Equipment)
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Imones charakteristika, teise, gebejimus itraukia ,,Penkiu C",,,eeUiu C", CAMARI ir CAMPARI metodai.
Kokybiniams kredito rizikos vertinimo metodams priskiriami ,,Penkiu C" /,,eeUiu C", PARS / PARTS, CAMARI / CAMPARI metodai.
One anarchist, calling her camari to action, defined a woman as one "who knows how to think with her own mind and operate according to her own convictions," says Guglielmo.
"Thanks to Camari we have work throughout the year.
Camari works for what it calls comercio solidario, which focuses on improving the quality of life of small producers through fair trade.
Otra dislocacii?1/2n esencial ha sido la estrategia de flexibilidad del mercado laboral, adoptada por los exportadores ecuatorianos--y facilitada por las reformas al Ci?1/2digo Laboral impulsadas por el gobierno de Rodrigo Borja--para encontrar nuevos nichos de exportacii?1/2n (flores y camari?1/2n) o reforzar los existentes (banano) (Korovkin, 2004).
It used to start with the communities greeting the hacienda landlord and offering a camari (gift), consisting of a white cock decorated with coloured ribbons, eggs, guinea pigs, potatoes, cuts of lamb that each huasipungera family (who had been granted a plot of land) gave to the hacienda.
As a result of this disillusion, religious intermediaries such as priests, landowners and mestizos were seen as the only people to have benefited from the old beliefs and rites; as Indian memory recalled it, the bosses received camaris (gifts) in exchange for drinking sessions, where chicha and other alcoholic beverages were consumed.
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