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CAMASComputer Assisted Mass Appraisal System
CAMASConfederation of African Medical Associations and Societies (Lagos, Nigeria)
CAMASComputer-Assisted Manpower Analysis System
CAMASCincinnati Academy of Mathematics and Science (Ohio)
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The goal of the project was to give students experience outside the classroom while developing their math skills and creativity, Camas Ridge teacher Donna DuBois-VanDeurzen said.
Westlie Ford is proud to support Camas High School Athletics and other causes within the communities of Washougal and Camas.
Ed Tenerini, Bodycote's President of North American HIP and Director of European HIP, says, "Avure offered the best delivery time and most cost effective solution for expansion of our Camas facility and Global HIP network, which includes over 20 HIP systems from Avure.
He continued, "It's good for my employees because Washington doesn't burden them with a state income tax (unlike California), it's good for Camas because it moves our employees into the local community, and it's good for the economy because it creates new high-paying jobs.
Camas Valley 53, Elkton 51: Josh Mattox scored a game-high 19 points to lead the Hornets (14-6, 7-3) over the Elks.
Draw Heat 1 1 Raggletaggle Rio 2 Kereight King 3 Camas Crash 4 Priceless Rumble (m) 5 Tullna Lough (m) 6 Laughil George (w).
Westlie Ford Service in Camas is also publicizing their winter prices for a variety of fluid flushes.
Losli, will oversee the credit union's Terrace branch in Camas.
THE SIS Live Gold Cup is one of the few events to have eluded the famed McKenna family, but Owen can put the record straight tonight when ideally drawn Camas lines up for the [euro]20,000 final at Shelbourne Park, writes Michael Fortune.
On the morning of Saturday, September 22, golfers teed off at the Sixth Annual Tom Wallenborn Golf Classic at Camas Meadows Golf Club.
Biking and pedestrian-related changes have been made near McCornack, Cesar Chavez, Camas Ridge, Edison and Buena Vista/Meadowlark elementary schools, and Monroe and Roosevelt middle schools.
today announced it is continuing to strategically reposition its operation at Camas, Wash.