CAMCORCenter for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (University of Oregon)
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With CAMCOR, the UO has top-flight research equipment, the scientists said, including transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electron probe micro analysis.
CAMCOR is superior to facilities at top-flight schools, even MIT, Boettcher said
The nanoscale proposal includes an alliance with the UO's Center for Advanced Materials Characterization, or CAMCOR.
The BEST funding allowed the fledgling company to buy needed equipment, and also went into an expansion of one of the analysis labs in the UO's CAMCOR facility, which will aid in future research at the lab.
Since 2001, the UO has opened the state-of-the-art Lokey Labs, and installed what amounts to a high-tech extension service for the state in them, the Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon, or CAMCOR, along with two corporate partner labs (currently SONY and Voxtel), and a gene sequencing lab.
Visit or call 541-346-3084 to learn more about the writing lab that will bring together authors, publishers and writers, a day of science that includes a tour of UO's CAMCOR microanalytical facility, and language arts offerings.
It's important to have both centers close to the universities so there is access to labs that offer tools startups could not normally afford, Espy said, such as those found in the CAMCOR center at UO.
First will be the home for CAMCOR, the Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon.
CAMCOR is an existing university program that encourages collaboration with private industry by making the university's advanced research equipment available to tech firms working at the cutting edge of science.