CAMDCenter for Advanced Microstructures and Devices
CAMDClean Air Markets Division (US EPA)
CAMDColor Access Mode Display
CAMDComputer-Assisted Molecular Design
CAMDCenter for Development of Advanced Medicine for Dementia (National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology; Japan)
CAMDChemical Agent and Munitions Disposal
CAMDCarl Asmis Memorial Dressage Association
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Vi Baluyut, a retired federal senior executive and CAMD supporter, recalls joining anti-Marcos demonstrations in the past.
Table 2 shows actual emissions reductions documented from 2002-2011 in EPA's CAMD annual data series, and projects these further to account for the required retirements of additional units as specified in the settlement agreement and planned by TVA.
The light polarization dependent angle-resolved UPS (ARUPS) were carried out using synchrotron light at 55 eV photon energy, dispersed by a 3 m toroidal grating monochromalor, at the Center for Advanced Microstmctures and Devices (CAMD) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (11), employing a hemispherical electron energy analyzer with an angular acceptance of [+ or -] 1[degrees], as described in detail elsewhere (12), (13).
There is a need, therefore, for increased studies in computational autonomous mental development (CAMD) that are of interest to both machine and human intelligence researchers.
"The CAMD power management family provides superior performance for the Wake On Lan function required in today's networked home and business market", said Charles Bellavia, vice president of marketing and sales at California Micro Devices.
Moreover, Camd en had to have known that the conspicuous display of illustrious names, including many of those of his contemporaries, in the 1594 Britannia would invite comparison with works by members of the College of Arms -- Segar, for instance, and Glover, whose records and papers were still in manuscript -- to say nothing of the scrutiny this would invite from the emulous among the gentry and nobility.
Earlier today US fighters attacked Saddam Hussein's military installations after planes patrolling the "no- fly" zone over north Iraq camd under fire.
Jon Melegrito, a Filipino community leader and prominent activist of the Coalition Against the Marcos Dictatorship (CAMD) from 1978 to 1986, opined that the events in February 1986 were a culmination of years of dissidents and activists fighting a lonely battle.
"I never thought I was going to be able to be a THE M style w show Sto Camd why it She debut high p "I ne going singer.
ON Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: ONNN) has successfully completed its tender offer for California Micro Devices Corporation (Nasdaq: CAMD).