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CAMDENCooperative Air and Missile Defense Exercise Network
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Under the deal, which was announced in March, Camden will buy The Bank of Maine for around USD 135m of cash and stock.
BOP Consulting, which led the research and produced the report, said that Camden Market could face losses of [pounds sterling]91.
Camden Library, Camden Museum and the Camden Area Family History Society room are colocated in the heart of the town of Camden on the south west semi rural fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area.
Camden has always been committed to providing a great place to work for our employees.
Camden was not a flamboyant person and he lived in an "understated and self-effacing" (14) fashion but, as a schoolmaster, a member of the College of Arms, and as a much-respected figure in the European republic of letters, his contribution was much greater than that of a dusty antiquarian.
Whereas under Elizabeth, Camden and his fellow denizens of Westminster enjoyed Burghley's patronage, in James's reign historical investigation became increasingly politicized, and therefore suspect.
We are thrilled that two well-known personalities with deep Camden connections have volunteered to co-chair the 'A Home for the Cathedral Kitchen' capital campaign," said executive director, Karen Talarico.
The funds for the marketing and advertising program were made possible with the approval by Camden citizens of a I percent sales tax dedicated for economic development in June 2001.
Initiated in 1996, the Arts in Our Schools program is the brainchild of Camden County Fine Arts Director Dean Slusser.
The Camden Group's recommendations would result in nearly $17 million in increased revenue and more than $11 million in spending cuts, Wong said.
Clutching hand-held computers and DBH tapes, the group's summer goal of completing a detailed survey of every Camden street tree.
It's March, and I've traveled to Camden to spend a few days investigating the reality of welfare reform in this, one of the great lost cities of America.