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CAMEConfederacion Argentina de la Mediana Empresa (Spanish: Argentina Confederation of Medium Enterprises)
CAMEClub d'Autos et Motos d'Époque (French automobile and motorcycle club)
CAMEContinuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (EASA)
CAMECivil Aviation Medical Examiner (Canada)
CAMEComputer Assisted Software Measurement and Evaluation
CAMECorps Airspace Management Element
CAMEContent Addressable Memory Element
CAMEComputer Aided Manufacturing Environment
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When prayer-meeting was over John Douglas came up with his usual request.
It was my brother Gardiner's drawing up too, and I wonder how he came to make such an awkward business of it.
When first he came in, he had spoken to her but little; but every five minutes seemed to be giving her more of his attention.
They passed several more parties of boys, all of them objects of the deepest interest to Tom, and came in sight of the town at ten minutes before twelve.
"You have hit the nail ad unguem " cries Partridge; "how came I not to think of it?
I came for the birthday, Anna Arkadyevna, darling!"
It came to pass that the master one day said to her: 'Gretel, there is a guest coming this evening; prepare me two fowls very daintily.' 'I will see to it, master,' answered Gretel.
While she was making the most of it, her master came and cried: 'Hurry up, Gretel, the guest is coming directly after me!' 'Yes, sir, I will soon serve up,' answered Gretel.
"Now tell me," proceeds Allan, making a strong effort to overcome his repugnance, going very near to him, and leaning over him with an expression of confidence, "tell me how it came about that you left that house when the good young lady had been so unfortunate as to pity you and take you home."