CAMINCentral Asian Mountain Information Network (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
CAMINChemical Accountability Management Information Network
CAMINChemical Agent Management Information Network (Army)
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La poblacion (n= 271) de estudio estaba formada por todos los internos de los centros penitenciarios de Cataluna, que entre el 1 de enero de 1996 y el 31 de diciembre de 1998, iniciaron un tratamiento de toxicomanias intrapenitenciario en el Departamento de Atencion Especializada (DAE) de los Centros Penitenciarios de Quatre Camins y Brinas o en un centro de deshabituacion extrapenitenciario (CT) de acuerdo con el articulo 182 del RP.
If you take topics accessible to students' level of cognitive development, the curriculum becomes much more efficient," Camins says.
But the results are well worth the effort Since Hudson initiated its new science program, Camins has heard from almost every teacher how much kids are enjoying science.
According to David Tropp, vice president at Frain Camins & Swartchild, these two floors represent half of the 80,000 square feet of vacant space in the building.
The marketing program for 35 East Wacker started in September 1988, says Peggy McTigue, marketing director for Frain Camins & Swartchild.
Many of last year's National roller team players and all of this years gold medal World Championships team including Captain Joy Woog and the World tournaments MVP's Annie Camins and Antoinette Maldonado will be playing on various teams.
amp; Foster in Washington, DC, and Frain Camins & Swartchild in
in March of 1997, with its acquisition of Frain, Camins &
The company first entered this market in March when it acquired Frain, Camins & Swartchild (now operating as Insignia/FC&S), a leading local brokerage and management company.
Frain Camins & Swartchild in Chicago; Forum Properties in Portland, OR; and HMB Property Services in Denver.
Insignia Financial Group also acquired Frain Camins & Swartchild, Inc.