CAMIOCatalog of Art Museum Images Online (Online Computer Library Center)
CAMIOChyron Asset Management and Interoperability (graphics system)
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The CAMIO Universe drives template-based, news workflows and places a diverse range of storytelling tools at producers' fingertips.
An all-new, built-in HTML browser within LyricX streamlines integration with ChyronHego's Live Assist Panels and CAMIO, both of which are HTML-based systems.
Finally, we thanks the authors, Maria Isabel Camio, Alfredo Rebori, Maria del Carmen Romero and Maria Belen Alvarez - professors and researchers from UNICEN - to provide us their work, in which they collect data, information and proposals which enrich the baggage of literature on the subject of innovation and allows readers, academics and researchers, to have updated material with scientific rigor.
A Renishaw ACR3 change rack ensures smooth, automated exchange between tactile and non-contact probes, controlled by Nikon's CAMIO acquisition and processing software.
Por exemplo, o h pode marcar a vogal aberta ou a tonicidade do monossilabo (he, hi, hir), pode levar em consideracao a etimologia da palavra (homees); pode indicar o hiato (cahir, sahir); pode representar a vogal oral i ou a nasal i (sabha = sabia; camho = camio).
Camio Custom Cabinetry makes its second appearance on the WOOD 100 Report.
La figura del peregrino se convierte en un simbolo, incluso en ocasiones nos encontramos que Cristo y la propia Virgen se representan como peregrinos; sirva como ejemplo la Cantiga 49 en la que Maria se aparece como peregrina, Como Santa Maria guiou os romeus que ian a sa eigreja a Seixon e erraran o camio de noite, ff.
CAMIO (Catalog of Art Museum Images Online) is a fine arts addition to RLG's database network, providing users with rights-cleared, high-quality art images.
ScanWorks software runs on a laptop computer and the cloud of points that is created is compatible with many third-party products, such as CAMIO, HolosNT, Metrolog II, PC-DMIS, PowerINSPECT, Geometric, and Polyworks.
In the tumultuous 1950s, the Cuban Sugar Kings served as the AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds in the summer, while winter-league fans could watch the likes of Brooks Robinson and Jim Bunning duke it out with Cuban stars Minnie Minoso and Camio Pascual.
LK's CAMIO CMM software will provide the operator with part setup information, accompanied by graphical reporting.
The image of "l'alegria dels soldats," leaving with the men "a dalt d'un camio gemada corn una rosa" and returning "a peu mes gastada que la sola d'una sabata vella," is one of the most compelling of Rodoreda's many depictions of victims of war and misery.