CAMISHAComputer-Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids (Widex Hearing Aid Company)
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"Motif" is a novel following Tiffany Randal and Camisha Simmons as they find two men who seem to be able fulfill their wildest desires.
El punto de inflexion que comunica estos saberes, esta no solo en la incorporacion a la lengua quichua de terminos como maquina, camisha o zapatos, sino en la decision de nominar en la lengua del otro, los elementos que deben traspasar a la conciencia del mestizo: camba pantalon camba camisha huahuata, camba chaquiri zapatos, camba maquina huahua.
In her essay Positivism and Progress in Firmin's Equality of the Human Races, Camisha Russell posits that Antenor Firmin offered the world its' first sustained philosophical book length response to scientific European racism.