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CAMLCollaborative Application Markup Language
CAMLCategorical Abstract Machine Language
CAMLCensus of Antarctic Marine Life
CAMLCategorical Abstract Machine Language (developed by Institut National de Recherché en Informatique et en Automatique)
CAMLCalcium-Modulating Cyclophilin Ligand
CAMLCargo Aircraft Mine Laying
CAMLComputational Acoustics Modeling Lab
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[5] uses Correlated Attack Modelling Language (CAML) for modelling multistep attack scenarios and then to recognize attack scenarios he allowed the correlation engines to process these models.
Central Asia Metals PLC (CAML.LN), a mining exploration and development company, has signed a contract for the sale of Tochtar LLP, the company's subsidiary.
Even though this score did not meet our deficit criteria, we believed based on his writing sample ("One time tar wus a caml the gi side get out of here") he could benefit from the intervention.
Reprints: Consuelo Tormo, PhD, Departamento de Laboratorio Clinico, Hospital Universitario de Elche, Caml de L'Almazara 11, 03203 Elche, Alicante, Spain (e-mail:
The .NET languages also have gained the functional programming capabilities popularized in languages such as Objective Caml and Haskall.
The CAML and its north polar counterpart project, Arctic Ocean Diversity, have pioneered new understandings of the evolution and diversity of life.
In particular the overview in [69] focuses on several programming languages (Java, Objective Caml, Telescript, etc.) and their suitability in mobile code environments.
After introducing the collaborative application markup language (CAML), this guide explains how to program the SharePoint object model, web services, web parts, and enterprise content.
Good examples include the joint effort by South American countries in the Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) project of the Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic (EBA) and the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem Survey (AMES) program in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean being carried out by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) nations.
Another potential thermoelectric material under investigation in the Complex and Advance Materials Laboratory (CAML) is the half-Heusler alloy, an intermetallic compound with general formula MNiSn (M = Ti, Hf, Zr) that possesses high electric conductivity ([sigma]) and thermopower ([alpha]) values.
The Foxleigh mine is owned by the Foxleigh Joint Venture (Bowen Basin Investments 16.4%, CAML Resources 63% and Itochu Coal Resources Australia 20.6%) and managed by CAML Resources.
We show that the fault span for these two models is very different from that of the CAML model, and that the three models fall into a natural complexity hierarchy in terms of the "power" of faults in each model.