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Anyone who comes to CAMLS for continuing medical education can get a sense of that integration, said Dr.
in Tampa, first became involved with CAMLS while the center was still under construction.
With the bladder simulator at CAMLS, physicians were able to perform cystoscopy hundreds of times and see virtually every abnormal legion in a realistic fashion, he said.
Yelverton, who is the chairman for the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists District XII, is continuing to work with CAMLS to set up training for ACOG's Florida fellows as part of their educational meetings.
Even graduate business and engineering students drop in at CAMLS as part of their work with the Tampa Bay Research and Innovation Center.
As CAMLS chief medical officer, Armstrong's job was to ensure the center was designed according to best practices.
The project is the brainchild of Steve Klasko, MD, MBA, dean of the USF School of Medicine, and Debbie Sutherland, CAMLS CEO.
Instead of requiring a proctor after three or four bad outcomes, a struggling physician could be sent to CAMLS to undergo evaluation.
He credits Armstrong with taking the vision for CAMLS and turning it into reality.
Located inside CAMLS (Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation), the occammd team has helped many of the most innovative companies in the world achieve extraordinary results.