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CAMMAConferencia Anual de Ministros de Mineria de Las Americas (Spanish: Mines Ministries of the Americas Annual Conference; Chile)
CAMMACyberAgenz Museum of Media Art
CAMMACharleston Area Medical Managers Association
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But now, the river has now dried up where only rocks and pebbles are abundant)," Camma said.
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You could be a compulsive saver but a conservative investor,or a compulsive saver but an aggressive investor, or you could be someone who believes in making the most of EMI facilities available," says Camma.
Of course, Chazza and Camma should be allowed to marry if they want - like any other pair of divorcees.
The group's chieftain, Rosario Camma, is worried that his tribe would again get the raw end of the stick if and when the Department of Energy under Secretary Zenaida Moncada would extend a renewable energy service contract to a project proponent that has not built anything or produced a single kilowatt of electricity for the past five years.
Filippo Schepis et al, Schepis, Filippo; Camma, Calogero; Niceforo, Domenico; Magnano, Antonio; Pallio, Socrate; Cinquegrani, Maurizio; Which patients with cirrhosis should undergo endoscopic screening for esophageal varices detection?
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However, Camma said the energy department awarded the service contract to a private company which, until now, has not done any significant development in the area.
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Frank Cammas (skipper of Team Groupama), had it in one of his big trimarans that went around the world, so it's not the nrst time in a multi-hull either.
With the America's Cup and the Olympics to contend with, the pressures on both Burling and Outteridge are considerable in 2016, while Groupama Team France skipper Franck Cammas is fighting his own battles after sustaining an injury while training in December which ended his Olympic campaign and may also keep him out of Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Oman.