CAMMUCache Memory Management Unit
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Cammu and VanNylen (3) studied 60 women with SUI and compared a once weekly, 30 minute private PFMT session for 12 weeks with a vaginal cones group who used the cones 2 times per day for 15 minutes for 12 weeks.
Cammu and VanNylen (3) also showed significant improvements in patients who practiced PFMT for only 3 months, although the subjects performed exercises while in physical therapy.
The associated CAMMU chips each contain a 4 Kbyte cache, a translation lookaside buffer (TLB), and a translator.
A much more detailed description, including a discussion of the CAMMU, is provided in [3].
The supervisor and each user process has its own 32-bit virtual address space, defined by the PDO (page directory origin) register in the CAMMU, which contains the physical memory address of the base of the first level of the page map for the process.
Each CAMMU also contains a 4 Kbyte cache memory, organized as 128 sets of two 16-byte lines.
The low order eight pages of the supervisor address are permanently mapped by the CAMMU to provides access to Boot ROM (residing on the system bus), I/O, which is addressed via reads and writes to memory addresses, and low main memory.
In each case, the CAMMU recognizes the exception and maintains copies of the protection bits taken from the page table entries in the TLB.
[4.] Cammu H, Goossens A, Derde MP, Temmerman M, Foulon W, Amy JJ.