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cAMPCyclic Adenosine Monophosphate
CAMPCollege Assistance Migrant Program
CAMPAdenosine 3'5' Cyclic Monophosphate
CAMPCenter for Advanced Materials Processing (Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York)
CAMPCampaign Against Marijuana Planting (CA DoJ)
CAMPComputer Architectures for Machine Perception
CAMPChildren's Association for Maximum Potential
CAMPCentral Atlantic Magmatic Province
CAMPCouncil for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals (est. 1994)
CAMPCleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program (Ohio)
CAMPCenter for Atomic-scale Materials Physics (founded by the Danish National Research Foundation in September 1993)
CAMPCooperative Africana Microform Project
CAMPCouncil on America's Military Past
CAMPCrash Avoidance Metrics Partnership
CAMPCore Assisted Mesh Protocol
CAMPContinuous Air Monitoring Program
CAMPClub Autos Miniatures Peugeot (French model car club)
CAMPCollege of Allied Medical Professions
CAMPCoastal Area Management Plan
CAMPComputer-Aided Mask Preparation
CAMPCompiler for Automatic Machine Programming
CAMPCode Applications and Maintenance Program (US NRC)
CAMPComputerized Aircraft Maintenance Program
CAMPCommon Ada Missile Package
CAMPCleveland Area Manufacturing Program
CAMPConsortium for the Advancement of Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals
CAMPConstructing Assured & Motivated People
CAMPComputer-Assisted Mathematics Program
CAMPColor Appearance Model Profile
CAMPCommodity Acquisition Management Plan (USAF)
CAMPCore Avionics Master Plan (defines acquisition strategy)
CAMPComputer-Assisted Message Preparation
CAMPCarolina Alternative Meetings of Professional and Graduate Students
CAMPCapital Assets Management Program
CAMPCode Assessment & Maintenance Program
CAMPChildren Are Miserable Parents (Kids Next Door show)
CAMPComputer-Aided Maintainability Predictor
CAMPControls and Monitoring Processor
CAMPCorporate Association of Microcomputer Professionals
CAMPCommand ADP Modernization Program
CAMPControl Administration and Maintenance Position
CAMPCommercial Acquisition of Multiple Products
CAMPCorps of Australian Military Police
CAMPCross-Age Mentoring for Peace
CAMPConfiguration, Administration and Maintenance Position (Alcatel)
CAMPComputer-Assisted Maintenance Processing
CAMPComputer-Assisted Message Processor
CAMPComputer-Assisted Maintenance Program
CAMPCourt Auto Moto Passion (French automobile club)
CAMPCost of Alternative Military Program
CAMPCycling Across Missouri Parks
CAMPClub Aquariophile du Marais Poitevin (French: Marais Poitevin Aquarist Club; Marais Poitevin, France)
CAMPCollision Avoidance Metrics Project
CAMPControl and Monitor Panel
CAMPCabin Air Manifold Pressure
CAMPChicago Association for Microcomputer Professionals
CAMPCommon ABCS Message Parser
CAMPCareer Awareness Mystery Project
CAMPCenter of Advanced Management Programs (Ajma, United Arab Emirates)
CAMPComputer Aided Medical Procedure (Technical University of Munich; Germany)
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Small as it was, this uncommon engine had excited the curiosity of most of the Europeans in the camp, though several of the provincials were seen to handle it, not only without fear, but with the utmost familiarity.
Thus, through an uninterrupted scene of sylvan pleasures, I spent the time until the 27th day of July following, when my brother, to my great felicity, met me, according to appointment, at our old camp.
He couldn't very well come so he sent me to meet you and bring you to camp.
If there is disturbance in the camp, the general's authority is weak.
Great uneasiness was now entertained, lest he should have fallen into the hands of the Blackfeet who had made the midnight attack upon the camp.
It must be the light from the camp fire the two men had built before they were attacked--Tarzan knew nothing of the presence of the sailors.
We will make all possible haste to reach the camp before those who accompanied Achmet Zek upon his last raid have found his body and carried the news of his death to the cut-throats who remained behind.
Rokoff was anxious to have the thing over and get back to his camp with his victim.
The camp was at last completed, and on a Saturday afternoon all the heavier articles from the ship had been transported to it.
Tudor, at the time, was lying in a stupor with fever in a late camp five miles away, the main camp having moved on those five miles in order to prospect an outcrop of likely quartz.
Since three hours were consumed by making camp at night and cooking beans, by getting breakfast in the morning and breaking camp, and by thawing beans at the midday halt, nine hours were left for sleep and recuperation, and neither men nor dogs wasted many minutes of those nine hours.
During the time that Kiche was tied by the stick, he ran about over all the camp, inquiring, investigating, learning.