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CAMPECampaign for Popular Education (Bangladesh)
CAMPECanadian Association of Motive Power Educators
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Von Campe grew up under the Nazis, served in the Hitler Youth and fought against the Red Army in the Yugoslavian theater as a tank gunner in the German army.
But they're pretty clear about what a church shouldn't be, and that's negative and judgmental," says Campe.
S'agissant du Pacte de Carthage, l'ex-secretaire general de Nidaa Tounes campe sur ses positions.
J'y campe le role de la maman du celebre Abdelhamid Ben Badis.
Sous couvert d'anonymat, un responsable de la Federation marocaine (FRMF) a toutefois evoque la possibilite que "les discussions se poursuivent dans la semaine" si "chaque partie campe sur ses positions", rapporte l'AFP.
Discussion includes works by Glikl Bas Leib, Yehudah Horowitz, Baruch Lindau, and Heinrich Campe, among others.
Dans une interview au quotidien Al Maghreb, il a souligne que les choses demeurent pour l'instant en l'etat et que chacun campe sur ses positions, ce qui, a-t-il estime, donne a penser que tout le monde se prepare a une annonce de l'echec du dialogue.
Au lieu d'ecouter son peuple et de faire un virage a 180 degres de sa politique sectaire qui conduit le pays vers le chaos, le president campe sur ses positions et s'enferme de plus en plus dans ses ideaux.
While Rousseau and Campe share the attitude that women should only be educated enough to fulfill their duties as wives and mothers, Gleim argues in favor of more education--interestingly, to control immodest appetites.
Additional trends Campe notices is a move toward removing the silicone release paper that prevents the positioning adhesive from sticking to the outer wrap.
Setting Huber's discussions of topics such as friendship, gender characteristics, education, and motherhood in the context of widely read theoretical works by Rousseau, Johann Heinrich Campe, Ernst Brandes, and Carl Friedrich Pockels, Wulbusch adeptly teases out the way Huber formulates her resistance to gender expectations within the terms of the dominant discourse.