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Campen is currently building new pilot test facilities at the headquarters in Homslet, Denmark.
CAMPEN customers can test their innovative ideas and products with the groundbreaking forming technology at CAMPEN's new pilot test facilities in Denmark.
We have previously established that high levels of DEE can induce bradycardia and T-wave alterations in mice and that [ApoE.sup._/_] mice were more susceptible than their genetic background, C57BL/6 mice (Campen et al.
Van Campen's report on Frederic's alcohol consumption during his recuperation causes him to lose his leave.
Jens Erik Thordahl, Campen's airlaid specialist and partner, states in connection with the new forming technology: "We are very pleased that we can finally confirm the development and sale of this groundbreaking, new forming head system, which is pending for patent.
2008) and accelerates atherosclerosis in apolipo-protein E--null ([ApoE.sup.[-/-]]) mice (Campen et al.
In 1939, along with Michael Lerner, Clive Firth, Van Campen Heilner, and Phillip Wylie, Hemingway had helped found the International Game Fishing Association (History of IGFA 3).
CAMPEN supplies complete airlaid lines to most product areas of the nonwoven industry.
Furthermore, some evidence from other studies suggests that inhaled Ni can induce systemic cardiovascular effects (Campen et al.
Henry's stubbornness ill refusing to go along with the crowd is most apparent while he is hospitalized and rebelling against the rigid Miss Van Campen. Much too mechanical to be a nurse, without a sense of compassion in a profession dependent upon it, Van Campen is like a Bergsonian machine set upon the living; the displacement of a Frederic Henry (especially a drunken one) con fronting a robotic, sober Van Campen generates the laughter.
Campen Machinery A/S, which is based in Denmark, supplies complete airlaid turnkey lines to most product areas of the nonwovens industry.