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Try taking a walk with the camper away from the rest of the campers in a location that is at the same time private and in view of others.
(Some scheduling issues will need to be sorted out with the unit director or head counselor so that the other campers are adequately covered while the one counselor is with the small group.) What is more challenging is managing the expectations of the shy or awkward camper.
Located in southeastern Wisconsin, it serves campers from three different ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago: Pilsen, West Town, and Humboldt Park.
The camper population grew quickly and the demand was strong enough to allow us to have tuition comparable to private camps.
The four major differences that were found for the summer of 2005 addressed the amount of financial support received, session length, camper return rates, and perceived enrollment trends for the past five years.
Have a camper say to the excluder, "did I do something to upset you?" This teaches direct communication between children that helps them know what role they may have had in the situation.
As the cabin group comes together, campers go through an "orientation" characterized by testing.
In order to maximize camper's adjustment and minimize the intensity of their homesickness, the camp needs to take a number of steps:
* Whenever a camper discloses something that triggers further conversation with the director, his or her parents, or mandatory reporting laws, it is important that staff make the immediate future seem as structured and predictable as possible.
The camp is not and cannot be an insurer of everything that might go wrong, and no responsible camp will guarantee the physical or emotional safety of a camper in its care.
The top five camper benefits that are most important to parents are ranked as follows:
The roster must accomplish the following--list the campers in the order of pick up/drop off, provide any specific camper details required such as phone numbers, revised addresses, health concerns and medical concerns, display any additional campers for that day, and alert the driver to any absent campers.