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CAMPSACompañia Arrendataria Monopolio Petróleo Sociedad Anónima (Spanish petrochemical company)
CAMPSACamping Southern Africa
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En el caso espanol se radicalizo la opcion estatal con la creacion de CAMPSA, monopolista, aunque solo para el territorio peninsular.
An amendment from the left-wing GUE-NGL group was adopted which casts doubt on recently-floated plans to set up camps in North Africa to process people seeking asylum in an EU Member State: "the experience gained with refugee campsa merely emphasises that similar arrangements outside the EU will necessarily entail a clear risk of the violation of fundamental rights", it says.
The 24-year-old racer who was on pole at the last race went from hero to zero when he was caught out by the notorious gusts at Campsa Bend.
The case of Campsa (the old oil public monopoly) could be representative of these privatizations.
For example, its postmerger share in the petrol market would have been 20.7% and 25.3% in diesel fuel, but the market leader, Campsa, supplied two-thirds of each of these markets.
Lusitania A18 Cuomo II /b Pozos y (Alba y Mendez, piletas 2005) A19 Cuomo II /b Pozos y piletas A20 Cuomo I/d Pozos y piletas A21 Cuomo I/d Pozos y piletas A22 Cuomo I/d Pozos y piletas A26 Cuomo II /d Pozos y piletas C/Concejo, 19 A56 Coll 7/a -- (Barrientos, 2007) A52 Cuomo II /b -- A57 Planta -- cuadrangular parcialmente excavada A51 Cuomo I/b -- Solar Campsa -- Cuomo II /b Testar (2007) -- Cuomo II /b Testar Escuela de -- Cuomo II /b Pozo y Hosteleria pileta (Bustamante y Heras, 2013) -- Cuomo II /b Pozo y Pileta Ortega Blanco, -- Cuomo II /b -- inedito Ubicacion / Ref.