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CAMPUSComputer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards (plastics industry material information system)
CAMPUSContext-Aware Adaptation Mechanisms for Pervasive and Ubiquitous Services (workshop)
CAMPUSCenter for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students (Ann Arbor, MI)
CAMPUSCoopération avec l'Afrique et Madagascar pour la Promotion Universitaire et Scientifique (French: Cooperation with Africa and Madagascar for Academic and Scientific Promotion)
CAMPUSCollege Achievement A Minority Program for Unique Students
CAMPUSCenter Automated Manpower & Project Update System
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Mr Mani, who also served as deputy commissioner of Battagram, said he was well aware about the grievances of students in the absence of a varsity campus in the district.
Raf Degens, Director of Corda Campus, says: "Corda Campus is a high technology campus, where more than 200 innovative companies work on new products and services every day.
* Francis Tuttle Technology Center--Rockwell Campus
In Wisconsin, lawmakers voted to allow guns on campuses, but with a provision that allows colleges to prohibit weapons in campus buildings if signs are posted at every entrance of every building.
Washington campus. Beautiful, century-old buildings stand as testament to the rich history of one of America's oldest veterans' retirement homes.
At the knuckle of the L, the form swells to mark the principal entrance from gently curving Riverside Drive, a major vehicular route on the campus. From this entrance, a public pedestrian path extends through the building on the ground floor, 1200mm above grade, to a second entrance from parking to the west.
The vision of welcoming a major corporation onto a university campus location is one of ambition, as well as a desire to be at the forefront, according to Thomas George, chancellor of the University of Missouri-St.
It was only through campus collaboration that successful outcomes were achieved for information literacy.
Over the summer he attended a week-long campus ministry institute at the University of Notre Dame to gear up for his work ahead.
Spend time with Meyer at the university in Winona, and you'll soon be repeatedly quizzed about the 93 tree species that grace the university's main campus. For example, what deciduous conifer that harkens back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and at one time was believed extinct was "discovered" in remote China in the 1940s?
Quiet Period: The college coach may not have any in-person contact with you or your parents off the campus. The coach may not watch you play or visit your high school during this period.
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