CAMREXCarbon in the Amazon River Experiment
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Mark, a graduate tutor in media production and parttime PhD student, has been nominated for his film CAMREX in the category of "Award for innovation in film - best film in the last year".
RIV]) was estimated by multiplying the river discharge measured during nine periods from 1982 to 1984 at Obidos by the CAMREX project multiplied by the concentration of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), and by the concentration of particulate nitrogen (PN) according to the following equation (Lewis et al.
El examinador encargado del examen directo utilizo una camara intraoral CAMREX 191 camara de tecnologia digital CCD, dotada de 4 focos de LED para proporcionar una resolucion maxima en imagen y color.