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CAMSConfederation of Australian Motor Sport
CAMSChinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Beijing, PRC)
CAMSCenter for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
CAMSCore Automated Maintenance System
CAMSCalifornia Academy of Mathematics and Science (Carson, CA, USA)
CAMSCommerce Administrative Management System
CAMSCenter for Applied Mathematical Sciences (University of Southern California)
CAMSChinese American Medical Society
CAMSComputer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd (Chennai, India)
CAMSConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
CAMSCentral Alarm Monitoring System
CAMSCentre for Antimatter-Matter Studies (Australia)
CAMSClient Account Management System
CAMSCentral Atmosphere Monitoring System
CAMSCountryside Access Management System (software package used by Local Authorities in the UK)
CAMSCenter for Advanced Modeling and Simulation (Idaho National Laboratory)
CAMSContinuous Air Monitoring System
CAMSCamera Assisted Monitoring System
CAMSContract and Management Services
CAMSCorrective Action Management System
CAMSCentral Alabama Miata Society
CAMSCommunications Area Master Station
CAMSCentre for Applied Medical Statistics (University of Cambridge; UK)
CAMSCritical Appraisal for Medical Students
CAMSCustomer Asset Management System
CAMSCamera Angle Management System (gaming)
CAMSCompetence Assurance Management System
CAMSCapitalized Assets Management System
CAMSCOMIREX Automated Management System
CAMSComputer-Aided Maintenance System
CAMSCertified Advanced Metrication Specialist (U.S. Metric Association Inc.)
CAMSCable Audience Measurement Study
CAMSCalexico Adventist Mission School
CAMSCrisis Action Management System
CAMSCarrier Access Management System (Sprint)
CAMSChemical Agent Monitoring System
CAMSCompliance Assistance Management System
CAMSCapabilities and AROC Management System
CAMSClassified AUTODIN Mail Server
CAMSContainment Activity Monitoring System
CAMSConsortium of Australian Media Services
CAMSclassic atypical mole syndrome
CAMSConstruction and Availability Management System
CAMSCollection Automated Management System
CAMSCircuit Administration Maintenance System (Sprint)
CAMSCapital Area Motorhead Society (Motorcyclists)
CAMSContinuous Alphabet Memoryless Source
CAMSComputer-Aided Milestone Schedule
CAMSComputer Automated Management System
CAMSCompound Air Master System
CAMSContainerized Avionics Maintenance System
CAMSCustomer Acquisition and Management System (Sprint)
CAMSCollection Agency Management Software
CAMSCatchment Abstraction Management Strategy (UK)
CAMSCertified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
CAMSControl and Monitoring System