CAMSCCanadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council
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HP is a founding member of CAMSC and was a sponsor of the Canadian organization's first procurement fair last year.
Benn said it took 20 months to set CAMSC in motion as a supplier council.
They have a database, so a supplier who joins CAMSC will be immediately added, not only to the CAMSC database, but will also be added to the database of NMSDC in the U.
Benn said a company requesting certification will provide background data to CAMSC that includes their industry code, type of products or services provided and states their equity ownership.
The second annual CAMSC awards gala will take place on Oct.
A true champion of Aboriginal and minority business development, the automaker has made a big difference in the lives of individuals and communities through its ongoing initiatives," the CAMSC release stated.
In highlighting the successes of these companies, we are showcasing some of the forward-thinking businesses that have recognized the tremendous positive impact Aboriginals and minorities have in the development of the Canadian economy," said Orrin Benn, president, CAMSC.
CAMSC is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to boost economic development efforts, employment and inclusion for Aboriginal and visible minority businesses through business relations and mentoring.